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It is my sincerest desire for you that the spiritual objects which I prepare will assist you in your goals toward a happier, healthier and more productive life. Remember that God helps those who help themselves. With this in mind, I must outline for you certain spiritual and metaphysical principles which you must be aware of in order to get the greatest benefit from the specially made and consecrated items which I prepare for you. In the preparation of my potions, gris-gris (mojo) bags, dolls and other spiritual objects, I use the finest herbs, roots and oils available to me. I empower/energize everything that I send out. You must, however, use them with the proper focus and understanding. Note that nothing can happen unless you really desire it to be so. You must, by the power of your will, call into existence what your heart desires. You must constantly visualize what you want - just the way you want it to be. You must invoke with faith and assurance the assistance of God and the Good Spirit Forces to help you in every way possible. You must attempt to keep a positive mental attitude at all times concerning your situation, no matter how desperate things may seem. Keep in mind at all times the law of cause and effect: "You rep what you sow."  Thinking negative thoughts attracts negativity and unhappiness. Conversely, having optimistic thoughts and a loving heart attracts hope, inspiration and assistance from above. Remember, everything begins with the mind. To change your life, change your way of thinking. Have faith, keep a strong positive attitude and never lose sight of what you want. Expect your prayer to be answered --- an it will be.


The potions are made from the finest ingredients. They may be worn, they may be used  to dress or anoint your candles and mojo bags, and they may be placed in cleaning water to do spiritual house cleanings.  For those who prefer these potions diluted, they may be mixed with pure coconut or olive oil.

Love Potion - This is an attraction oil. It is not only used to attract physical love but also friendship, good vibrations and love in the more universal sense of the word. Wear as a cologne, place in bath water, dress your candles, etc.

Prosperity Potion - Anoint your head so that you will always think prosperous thoughts, your hands so that they will always have what they need, and your feet so that they will always walk in the path of prosperity. Use this potion in cleaning water to attract good business. Use creatively.

Peace, Protection, Health & Uncrossing Potion - As the name indicates, this formula has multiple uses. Anoint your forehead (third eye) and temples for peace of mind, clarity and protection. If you burn candles or use Voodoo dolls as a focal point to center your energy, anoint the candles and/or dolls. Mop your home or business with a bucket of water containing this mixture to dispel negative vibrations.

The Voodoo dolls may be placed on your altar or used in meditation rituals as a focal point to bless yourself or another person. Note that these dolls are not sold with pins, as their use is totally positive and no harm should be wished upon anyone. They may be anointed with the potion oils for the intended purpose(Love/Prosperity/Peace, Protection, Health & Uncrossing). Use creatively.  Our dolls are created using Spanish Moss; Twigs and Clay. They are dressed in an assortment of exotic fabrics for the following purposes: Love, Money, Protection, Health & Peace and Fertility.

* SPECIALTY DOLLS MADE TO ORDER - For any good beneficent purpose. Call or email us with your specific purpose for pricing.

* SPIRITUAL CANDLES - These candles provide a clear visual focal point when wishing to improve situations in your life and when concentrating on your goals. The seven "African Powers" represent some of the major daities archetypal forces / in the Yoruba / Santeria religion. The seven "African Powers" are:

Chango (Spirit of Lightning) - Is the God of Fire, Thunder and Lightning, as well as the God of Wealth. He is the owner of the drum and is called upon to protect against enemies. Also know as the God of Masculinity, he has several wives, his favorite being Oya. She gave him his power over fire and lightning. Together they are the warrior god and goddess

Corresponding Catholic Saint: St. Barbara   Planet: Sun   Color: Red   Favorite Number: 6                      

Eleggua (Spirit of the Crossroads) - Is the Messenger of the Gods. He is in charge of opening and closing all doors. Thus, he is the first to be honored at ceremonies. He is often called upon to remove evil and misfortune. As God of the Crossroads as well as the Trickster God, Eleggua represents the principle of choice and provides the opportunity to learn to choose wisely in life. 

Corresponding Catholic Saint: St. Anthony           Planet: Mercury         Color: Red and Black   Favorite Number: 3

Obatala (Spirit of Purity) - Is the Father of all gods. He represents the Christ Spirit and the Heavens, and he protects the cities and the temples. Known both as the God of Purity and the God of Wisdom and Patience, Obatala is invoked for these attributes as well as for health and peace.

Corresponding Catholic Saint: Our Lady of Mercy       Planet: Jupiter  Color: White                    Favorite Number: 8

Oggun (Spirit of Iron) - Is the God of War and Iron. He represents the law and is   called upon for help in legal proceedings. He also gives protection from harm and accidents. Legend has it that his father Obatala abandoned him as a baby in the jungle, where he was found and reared by Eleggua. His wilderness upbringing made him into a powerful warrior. He is sometimes equated with the Roman god, Mars.

Corresponding Catholic Saint: Saint Peter             Planet: Mars      Color: Green and Red                     Favorite Number: 4

Oshun (Spirit of Love) - Rules over the river waters. She is the Goddess of Love, Marriage, Beauty, Wealth and Gold. As patron Goddess of the Arts, she is very popular with dancers, musicians, writers and artists. Very pleasant and flirtatious, she is invoked for rituals of love, especially at the banks of the rivers.

Corresponding Catholic Saint: Our Lady of La Caridad del Cobre             Planet: Venus     Color: Yellow             Favorite Number: 5

Oya (Spirit of the Winds) - Is the Goddess of the Winds and Hurricanes. She is also Queen of the Spirit World and Cemetery. As a warrior goddess, she is fiercely protective of her children and devotees, offering protection from negative spiritual influences. As the Patroness of Justice and the Queen of the Marketplace, her aid is invoked by those in business and sales.

Corresponding Catholic Saint:  Our Lady of Candelaria, St. Theresa       Planet: Pluto and Mars                     Color: Maroon             Favorite Number: 9

Yemaya (Spirit of the Sea) - Rules over the sea. She is the daughter of Obatala, and in turn she became the mother of 14 of the most important gods and goddesses, including Oshun, Chango and Oya. Thus, she is the Goddess of the Home, the protector of motherhood and of children. She is also known as the Moon Goddess and controls the tides of the sea.

Corresponding Catholic Saint: Our Lady of La Regla                        Planet: Moon           Color: Blue             Favorite Number: 7          

The LOAS are the Voodoo gods and goddesses and they are invoked for different reasons just like the "African Powers"
papa legba (Spirit of the Crossroads)

ghede (Spirit of the Dead)

damballah wedo (Spirit of the Sky)

ayida wedo (Spirit of the Rainbow)

azaccaa (Spirit of Agriculture)

simbi (Spirit of the Rivers)

agwe' (Spirit of the Sea)

ogoun feraille  (Spirit of War)  

erzulie (Spirit of Love)



New Orleans Voodoo From the Inside

This one-hour long documentary will help dispel the negative stigma attached to the Voodoo religion from the moment it was brought ashore in North America by slaves from the West Africa. Audiences will be enlightened on the true practice of Voodoo in New Orleans, both past and present and takes a look at one of the world's oldest religions through archival footage and  interviews with those who practice it. Featuring Priestess Ava Kay Jones, the premiere New Orleans expert and practitioner of the Voodoo and Yoruba religions.


Learn about ...

The myths and misconception, the enduring popularity of Marie Laveau, the origins of Voodoo Dolls, magic, rituals and mystical symbols. History and present status of Voodoo in the Crescent City, and much more...


New Orleans Voodoo From the Inside

Original Soundtrack created for the documentary New Orleans Voodoo From the Inside:

  • Good Morning New Orleans / It Rained on Friday
  • OYA 2*
  • Damballah*
  • Princess Ava's Snake Dance
  • Song for Ogun*
  • Ma Mere Marie
  • Maire Laveau
  • OYA 1*
  • Creole Voodoo Moods
  • High John the Conqueror Root

   * Traditional African Voodoo Songs

      Original Soundtrack by Milton Batiste and Ken "Afro" Williams



Voodoo Past and Present (by Ron Bodin)   

This is the best book to date on New Orleans and Louisiana Voodoo. Rod Davis takes the reader on an interesting and informative journey. A must for those interested in this fascinating part of our culture. Voodoo and Yoruba Priestess Ava Kay Jones is featured in an informative portion with photographs. 


American Voodou (by Rod Davis)



Voodoo Macumba Dance Ensemble
A performance group of drummers, dancers, fire-eaters, sword and snake dancers, the Voodoo Macumba Dance Ensemble featuring Voodoo and Yoruba Priestess Ava Kay Jones demonstrates the rich traditions of West Africa, the Caribbean and New Orleans. Their dynamic, powerful presentation has been featured in movies, on VA and at festivals, and is also available for private bookings. Experience their dancing as the great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau practiced it along Bayou St. John in days past.
Voodoo and Yoruba Priestess Ava Kay Jones conducts seminars which dispel many of the popular misconceptions and leads attendees to a truer understanding of the richness of this ancient religion.  For those seeking in-depth education and appreciation of the Voodoo religion.
Link to 2nd Native New Orleans

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